Tier 3 Example

Following the two-month Tier 2 intervention period, progress monitoring results based on both level and rate of learning showed that three of the four children had made sufficient progress.  One child, Rashad, had made progress in some areas such as showing an interest in literacy activities and paying attention during storybook reading, but he continued to lag behind his peers in other key literacy skills such as letter sound awareness and vocabulary development. 

Marissa scheduled a meeting of Rashad’s parents and the other members of the problem-solving team to review the assessment results and to determine how to adjust Rashad’s intervention plan in response to his specific learning needs.  The team determined that Rashad needed more intensive and individualized learning supports contained within Tier 3 of the R&R system.

The team selected scaffolding strategies and identifed the specific approaches that would be used as part of Rashad’s intervention plan.  The team adjusted the intervention plan in the following ways: (1) Tier 2 explicit and embedded interventions were extended for another two-month period; (2) a combination of least-to-most prompting and verbal prompts were added to the explicit, small-group instruction; (3) peer-modeling and responsive interaction strategies were added to the embedded strategies delivered within the context of classroom routines and activities. In addition, an activity matrix will be completed to assist classroom staff in planning the embedded intervention strategies.

The team agreed to monitor Rashad’s progress more frequently than they did during Tier 2 and to meet again mid-way through the two-month intervention period to determine how the plan was working and whether any adjustments were needed.  The speech-language pathologist introduced the idea that further assessment might be needed if Rashad does not show progress in language development and sound awareness at Tier 3.  The team agreed to revisit this suggestion during their next meeting.

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