What is Recognition & Response?


Recognition means gathering formative assessment information by screening all of the children and monitoring their progress.


Response means providing an effective core curriculum, intentional teaching, and targeted interventions linked to formative assessments.


Collaborative problem-solving is used to support data-based decision-making, plan interventions, and assess how well children respond to them.

Areas of Research of R&R

Language and Literacy
The purpose of this Development and Innovation study was to develop and evaluate the R&R-language and literacy system for use by pre-k teachers... (more)

Dual Language Learners
This project adapted an existing R&R model for use with Latino dual language learners (DLLs) who are 4 years old and enrolled in center-based programs in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Primary project activities included developing the bilingual assessment and intervention components of R&R for use with DLL children... (more)

This project is developing and evaluating a Recognition & Response model (R&R-Math) to address the development of pre-k children’s mathematics skills in public school pre-k classrooms... (more)