Tier 2 Example

Rashad is one of the children who did not meet key benchmarks in early literacy skills in the class-wide screening. Even though Rashad is outgoing and friendly, Marissa has observed that he has difficulty paying attention during read-aloud activities and shows little interest in books, letters, or writing activities. The speech-language pathologist observed that Rashad has difficulty discriminating among various letter sounds in spoken language. The screening results confirm these concerns about Rashad’s progress in learning and point to several other areas such as concepts of print that may require further attention.

After consulting with her colleagues, Marissa scheduled a meeting with Rashad’s parents and the rest of the problem-solving team. During the meeting, Rashad’s parents and the program staff discussed their concerns as well as areas in which Rashad is doing quite well such as making friends, communicating, and getting along with others. The team used this information, along with the results of the class-wide screening, as a starting point for developing a plan to respond to Rashad’s needs for additional instructional supports in early language and literacy. The plan involved explicit, small-group instruction during arrival time that focuses on interactive, shared storybook reading and sound awareness activities, along with strategies for embedding learning opportunities throughout the curriculum and at home. They agreed to monitor Rashad’s progress and to revisit the plan at the end of the two-month intervention period to determine whether any adjustments are needed.

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